When The Fire Ends: World After Covid-19 And New Inception of Globe

When The Fire Ends: World After Covid-19 And New Inception of Globe

Throughout the annals of human history, humanity has faced many challenges which altered its course. Whether its natural catastrophes or man orchestrated wars, they have put a profound impact on human civilization on this earth. Along with every calamity there sometimes comes opportunities in disguise as well like world wars made the world step into the realms of Neo-liberalism and put an end to colonization. Black Death in Europe instigated a whole new age of history in Europe, The Renaissance. These catastrophes not only change the normal but shape the future as well.

COVID-19 Mindmap by IICR

Pandemics are also such calamities with which world is still entangled. So far, Smallpox is the only pandemic which successfully has been eliminated through the world which too was done in the 1980s. HIV aids have become an endemic rather than just being an epidemic. In post Smallpox world, people started to contemplate that science would overcome epidemics and pandemics. Nevertheless, then the situation got worse as SARS, MERS, E-BOLA, Swine Flu, Zika were on the waiting list.2 Apart from effects on Human lives, these events also proved to be quite impactful on the Globe as well by effecting its geopolitical, geo-economic cogs.

So is the case with current world Vs Covid-19 pandemic. Started from the small city has now crippled the whole Globe by currently being on a spree of devouring cities. As this research is being penned down the victims of Covid-19 are increasing.

However, whenever a pandemic emerges, there are two main phases in which the world suffers one as primary, from extreme situation to its mildness then secondary the crucial one, post-pandemic status quo. Currently, the world is facing the steam of an ongoing crisis, while awaits for the second as this Fire settles down. Since the situation is too fluid right now, there is no such work which can forecast the exact post-Covid-19 scenario. However, it is for sure that it will bring considerable change to the world, whether in geopolitical or geo-economic or both in means.

By walking through the corridors of history, one can assert some amount of contemplation on the change’s world will phase.

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