Webinar  “ India’s Malevolence and Regional Peace”

On June 5th, 2020, Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution organized a Webinar titled “ India’s Malevolence and Regional Peace” in collaboration with ZOAO Law Firm, Lahore, Pakistan. The webinar was part of IICR’s Exclusive Globe 2020. The Webinar covered diverse discourse including India-China Standoff,  gross human right violation in Kashmir and India’s transformation from India to Hindustan.

The panelists included Mr. Cheng de Yong, Founder China funded ZOAO law firm in Pakistan, Prof. Zhou Rong, Senior academic in china. Lt. Gen. Amjad Shoaib, Yasir Rehman, Senior TV anchor PTV, Maj. Gen. Raza Muhammad® Chairman IICR. Mr. Syed Nasir Hassan, Research Fellow IICR. Ms. Sabah Aslam, Founder IICR moderated the session

 Mr. Cheng affirmed that China can fight any aggression by India. China has transformed from standing up to being strong. The shotgun is ready, which is really “preventable and controllable.”. Prof. Rong said that China is determine in its ambitions and will defend every inch of its territory. He also said that India is no ready and cannot afford any armed conflict at this moment. They have an uncontrollable threat to fight at first rather than engaging in armed conflict.

The next speaker Lt. Gen. Shoaib® highlighted that India under the zealous governance by Hindutva preachers is putting regional stability at stake. Furthermore he added that Modi is on a Suicide mission his extremist and racist ideologies.

Maj. Gen. Raza Muhammad® pointed out that Modi is least bothered about how this Hindutva chime will effect Indian society, he is on spree against Muslims. He further added that Modi has made India for Hindus only tarnishing the image of secular India.

Mr. Yasir Rehman shed light on how gruesome violence is being inflicted upon the Muslims of Kashmir amid Covid-19. He suggested that Pakistan needs to do more to highlight Gross Human Right Violations in Kashmir on every legal and diplomatic forums. He inferred that India will continue to do so and won’t stop until made to stop.

The last Speaker on the panel was Mr. Syed Nasir Hassan, who highlighted how through populism Modi rose to power. He said that the majoritarian rule came back to India after 30 years in 2014 and it has given Modi and his minions a Carte Blanche to do what they deem. He also added that Modi is a reflection of Indian society. Lastly, he said that Pakistan needs to get out of de-hyphenation phenomenon in case of America and take matters into its own hands.

At the end Chairman IICR, Maj. Gen Raza Muhammad® concluded the session.

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